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Chair: Mary Lovell 01323 840099


  1. The Club shall be called HAILSHAM RAMBLERS.

  2. The object of the Club is to enjoy walking in the countryside, preserve footpaths and rights of way in the neighbourhood and to arrange a regular programme of walks for members. To report hazards (broken stiles for example) either call ESH (East Sussex Highways) on 0345 60 80 193 after recorded message press 2. or email

  3. Membership is open to all interested persons who agree to the Club Objectives and begins upon payment of the appropriate membership subscription fee.

  4. On rambles, members must accept the leaders instructions – this usually means walking behind the leader.  Anyone wishing to leave the ramble en-route should inform the leader.  All walkers should wear boots or stout shoes and bring something to drink.  Although walking is one of the safest activities, we expect walkers to behave responsibly and to follow any advice or comply with any instructions given by walk leaders.

  5. Although children and vulnerable adults are welcome to take part in activities of Hailsham Ramblers, they must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian or other responsible adult.

  6. Dogs are not permitted on Club rambles, with the exception of guide dogs.

  7. Subscriptions shall be fixed annually by the committee at the AGM the year previously. Subscriptions are due at the AGM and payable within one calendar month of the AGM.

  8. The Club shall be managed by a committee to be elected annually at a General Meeting of members.  This committee of up to eight members should consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Walk Secretaries (to organise the rambling programme), and three other members. The committee shall appoint one of its members as vice-chairperson and shall have the power to co-opt additional members to fill casual vacancies. All members shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election. The committee shall decide when and where it shall meet. A quorum shall be made up of four committee members in the event of exceptional circumstances arising.

  9. The Treasurer shall keep proper financial accounts and shall keep the committee informed as to the financial state of the Club. The Club will maintain adequate insurance to cover its members and officers for loss or injury during Club activities.

  10. An Annual General Meeting should be held every Autumn (October) when the audited accounts and reports for the previous year will be submitted by the various officers of the Club.  At least fourteen days notice of the AGM shall be given in writing to each Club Member.  Election of the committee members, discussions and votes on motions will take place at the AGM.  Notice of motions shall be submitted to the Club secretary at least fourteen days prior to the AGM.

  11. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, all funds and assets shall be disposed of at the absolute discretion of the committee.