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  1. We will keep a list of all members walking to help Track and Trace
  2. The maximum number on any walk will be 30.
  3. All members must maintain physical distancing when congregating.
  4. If any member develops symptoms within 48 hours of the walk they should apply for a COVID-19 test.
  5. If you feel ‘clinically vulnerable’ you are advised not to walk.
  6. At present we will not use Public Transport or members cars.
  7. Please bring your own hand sanitiser for use before eating or drinking and after touching gates, stiles etc.
  8. Please bring your own face covering in case of incidents or where physical distancing is no longer possible.
  9. Walk responsibly; when other walkers are passing remember to stand back and give way.
  10. Do not feel you have to walk just because we have started the walking programme again. All members must make their own decision to join the walk. 
  11. And please remember to wash your hands when you return home.
  12. Enjoy the fresh air and the walk.





If you think you would like to join Hailsham Ramblers then please feel free to join us for a couple of trial walks.

We are a friendly and welcoming group - so don't feel nervous - just click on the walks programme "tab" and select a walk you would like to join.  Then turn up on that Wednesday at South Road car park at 9.15am for a 9.30am start.  Please do not be put off if you cannot drive as we operate a car sharing system. 

If you are not already a regular walker, or haven't walked any distance for a while, then you might want to choose a 'short walk' (usually about 2-3 miles in length).  If, however, you are accustomed to walking you may choose to join in with our longer walkers.  These longer walks (usually 4 - 6 miles in length) can involve negotiating steep inclines and stiles, so refer to the walks programme which will give brief details of what can be expected. 

As we are a rambling group, and because most of our walks are across fields which may contain livestock, we do not allow dogs on our walks (with the exception of guide dogs).  We would also like to advise prospective new members that, although we will not exclude visually impaired walkers, these walkers must be accompanied by their visual helper because of the terms and conditions of our insurance.


If, after a couple of trial walks with us, you decide that you would like to become a member of Hailsham Ramblers please contact our club membership secretary Joan Guile on 01323 449256.  The current annual membership fee is £5. 




This has recently hit the news (August 2019) and, as we walk through grassland and fields we need to be aware of the dangers. Occurrences of Lymes Disease is on the increase.  carried by ticks, we walkers should be aware that we lay ourselves open to tick bites when enjoying our beautiful countryside, especially through long grass and other vegetation.  We should cover our legs and arms, long trousers etc.  If you suspect you have received a tick bite, it is important to seek medical advice swiftly.  We are highlighting this because a close friend is presently in hospital.  Following a weeks' holiday in the New Forest he returned with symptoms that he ignored for three weeks before going to his GP.  He was immediately sent to his district hospital were he was given multiple blood tests and on intravenous antibiotics.  He has been told he will remain in hospital for 6 weeks.  Earlier action could have resulted in a quicker resolution.  We of course wish him a speedy recovery.  Lymes disease can result in death so it is imperative you seek medical advice quickly as it can also be hard to diagnose.